Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois

Fellowship of Reconcilliation

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Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois

Peace Coalition Monthly Vigil November 1st.

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Peace Coalition Monthly Vigil, Saturday, November 1st, Noon to 1 PM, the Monthly Meeting will follow at 1:15 PM at Cristaudo’s

In the spirit of Halloween, All Saints/Day of the Dead we will feature signs that play with the themes of violence and militarism that the Peace Coalition has long drawn attention to. Please join us, costumes optional. Anyone inspired by the theme can bring their own sign.

RIP--Resist In Peace

We Are Tricked--War Profiteers Are Treated

Keep the Candy--Distribute Justice Instead

War is Horrorween--Enough is Enough

Saints Don't Bomb Civilians--Ghouls Do

Don't Put a Mask on War--It's Hell

All Saints Want Peace

Dead Soldiers Want Peace

CIA-NSA--Spooks in Control

Vote for Peace Every Day

Elect Humans Not Minions.




Peace Coalition Monthly Meeting and Weekly Vigil Schedule Changed

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At the Monthly Meeting this Wednesday we discussed the proposal for changing our monthly meeting and weekly peace vigil and unanimously decided to change each activity to coincide on the first Saturday of each month.

Thus the weekly vigil will become a monthly vigil and we will identify an issue of focus for each month.  This will allow us to invite groups already interested in issues of consequence to the peace and health of our society and world to join in the vigil.  Our first Monthly Vigil and meeting are described below.

Monthly meetings have previously been held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.  We are changing that meeting to follow the monthly peace vigil at 1:15 pm at a location close to the vigil site.  We hope this will allow some who have not been able to attend monthly meetings to join us and to expand the pool of voices involved in planning and discussion.  Please consider bringing your issue to our attention for a special monthly vigil.
Georgeann, Michael, Hugh, Gary, Norma

The Peace Coalition will hold a Monthly Peace and Justice Vigil on Saturday, June 7 from noon to 1pm in front of the Carbondale Town Square Pavilion, Rts 13 and 51.  The vigil will focus on the violence of fracking and the non violence of renewable sources of energy.  Any and all fracktivists from the area are invited to join us on the 7th.  Bring your signs if you wish.  The Peace Coalition will have signs in accord with our nonviolent and peace values.  We will meet afterwards at Cristaudos for the Monthly Meeting to talk about issues and future vigils.  For more information contact Hugh Muldoon at 618-549-1051.  


The Peace Coalition of SI/FOR affiliated with the Fellowship of Reconciliation in 1992.   We share a commitment to achieve a just and peaceful world community with full dignity and freedom for every human being.  We promote nonviolent resolution of conflict, the integrity of the environment, and tolerance of diversity.





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Name: Georgeann Hartzog
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